I am in love with my wife

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Nor did I ever imagine that saying such a thing would make me so happy or even weep with joy. Ten years ago today my beautiful wife Caitlin and I went to the drive-through wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada and got hitched. Ten years on we have two children and a marriage that I feel can endure all hardships.

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And that is because of my wife who consistently blows my mind with her honesty and compassion and curiosity among many other things. We actually broke up soon after that most likely because of my unwillingness to have children. When we got back together it was a fait accompli that children were in the pipeline and I surrendered. Not everyone has the platform to extol the virtues of their spouse so I am very appreciative that I have a blog where I can share publicly how wonderful my wife Caitlin is.

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Why do I love my wife the way I do? Here are a few reasons:.

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Not to be too honest—or pathetic— but I am a classic neurotic who, when not in the role of teacher, finds it difficult to deal with people. So the greatest gift I have received and I am not sure how it has come to pass, but in the fourteen years we have been together I have never ever wanted to be anywhere else when I am with my amazing and delightful wife. I marvel at how lucky my children Ida and Reggie are to have her as their mother. Not that I am a bad dad but in so many ways I am way less evolved than my wife. She offers them her heart in its entirety and it reflects in the smiles on their faces and the compassion that I see come through their actions.

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I am in love with my wife

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