Firefighter looking for that special someone

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What does an Oak Harbor Firefighter look like? It is important to know what firefighters looks like when they are wearing protective fire gear. Knowing what to expect when a firefighter arrives to help, will help you be less afraid.

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It's a coat and pants made from several layers of special fabrics to guard against heat and flames. It is bulky and can make him look extra large. Oak Harbor firefighters wear tan coats and pants with yellow reflective stripes, but sometimes firefighters wear black or yellow gear.

A firefighter's hands will be protected by heavy gloves and he wears thick boots to protect his feet.

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A firefighter wears a helmet to protect his head, a shield protects his eyes and fire-resistant fabric covers his hair, ears, and neck. He wears a mask over his face that provides clean breathing air that is kept in a tank he wears on his back.

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When firefighters have to be around very hazardous materials they wear special suits that make them look a little like spacemen. The suits protect them from dangerous chemicals. In the photo below, a firefighter is being decontaminated or washed, so she can remove her suit safely.

This photo shows US Air Force firefighters wearing proximity suits training to fight an aircraft fire. When a firefighter is working in a non-dangerous situation he will be wearing his "station uniform". At OHFD that means: black pants, black or gray shirt and maybe a department ball cap.

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Firefighter looking for that special someone

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