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The purpose of this study was to examine the frequency to which heterosexual women engage in a range of sexual activities, such as sexual fantasizing and engaging in cybersex, and to examine women's level of satisfaction with their sex lives.

In addition, we explored the role of age in women's sexual activities and satisfaction levels. A total of 4, heterosexual Dutch women participated in this study, ranging in age from 18 to indicated that, on average, women were quite satisfied with their sex lives and engaged, on a regular basis, in several sexual activities. A minority of women engaged in extradyadic sex and cybersex. With age, women were especially less likely to have sex with a partner and, when having sex, to engage in oral sex. Older women also felt less satisfied with the quality of their sex lives. and their implications are discussed.

In the last couple of decades women's sexualities have been affected by many new influences. Television programs and magazines have presented viewers and readers with increasingly explicit sexual content e. In addition, in the s of the past century, Internet became available to the general public and became overwhelmingly popular, allowing people to communicate with other people all over the world, by means of e-mail, webcams, weblogs, and chat boxes.

The Internet may have large consequences for people's sex lives. The growing sexual content of the mass media and Internet has been found to predict sexual behavior patterns Brown et al. Mileham, Because of all these societal developments, sexuality is in a continuous state of flux Ross, ; Stone, Studying women's sex lives in relation to their age is highly relevant. Younger, middle-aged, and older women may experience sex differently, due to the different societal, cultural, and religious values that characterized the time period they grew up in.

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Whereas women in their twenties and thirties mostly experienced relative societal openness with regard to sex and, for instance, received, as one of the first generations, sexual education in school and easy access to conception pills, older women grew up with much more restricted values concerning sex. Today, sexuality is no longer governed by rigid religious rules and taboos but has become a very personal matter for the individual Munck, As a result, women of different ages may have developed different attitudes toward sex and engage, to a different extent, in different sexual behaviors.

In addition, specific hassles and life events characteristic of a particular life stage may cause women of different ages to have different sex lives. For instance, whereas women in their forties and fifties may experience the menopause as a hindrance to sexuality e. Studying age in relation to sexuality is also important because most people are living longer than preceding generations, and more are remaining sexually active in later life Laumann et al.

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The few studies that have been conducted generally show older people to be less permissive toward sex than younger people e. Laumann, Gagnon, Michael, and Michaelsfor instance, found that, for women, rates of sexual activity decreased steadily from the early thirties to the early fifties and fell more dramatically in the late fifties.

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Nonetheless, studies also show middle-aged and older women to engage in a variety of noncoital sexual behaviors e. The current study contributes to the scarce literature in the field of sexuality and aging by examining age differences in the frequencies of sexual acts practiced by women of a broad age range.

In addition, we examine the extent to which these women are satisfied with their sex lives. This is an important issue because being satisfied with one's sex life may be even more important to psychological health than the frequency of sexual activities themselves. For this purpose, the current study recruited women between ages 18 and 82, making it possible to compare the sexual practices and levels of satisfaction of women of different ages and generations.

Libelle contains articles on topics such as domestic labor, children, career, marriage, friends, and health, and is read by adult women of all ages i. By means of an advertisement women were asked to participate in an online survey on sexuality. Four thousand four hundred and seventy participants filled in the online questionnaire. The current study was not the first to use the readers of Libelle as a population of study, a recent study of Dijkstra and Barelds also did. It must be noted that, with regard to relationship status, our sample seemed to be quite representative for the population of Dutch women.

Married women were, on average, The online questionnaire consisted of the items presented in Table 1. In short, the questionnaire covered the following topics. Women were asked how often a week or month, they had had sex with their former partner during the last 2 years. Women were also asked about the extent to which they engaged in five activities when having sex, that is, caressing, petting, oral sex, intercourse, and anal penetration.

Women were asked if they were satisfied with the frequency to which they engaged in sex, and how often they were satisfied with the quality of the sex. Women were also asked whether they, during the last 2 years, had sexual wishes their sex partner did not want or couldn't fulfill, whether their partner had sexual wishes they did not want or couldn't fulfill, and what these wishes consisted of. Women were asked how often they masturbated during a regular week, how often, when masturbating, they had an orgasm and whether they thought having an orgasm was important when masturbating.

Women were asked how Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating SD they had sexual fantasies, whom they most often fantasized about, how often they, during a committed relationship, had engaged in extradyadic sex, how many extradyadic sex partners they had had, the type of extradyadic sex they had had, and whether they had told their partner about the extradyadic sex.

Women were asked how often they looked on the Internet for someone to have an erotic chat with, and, when they did, how often they masturbated during this contact, how often they used a webcam, and how often they, in real life, met someone who they met on the Internet. Women were also asked whether, if they were in a committed relationship, their partner knew about the cybersex. Finally, women were asked how much time a week they spend having cyber sex. On average women reported having had sex with a partner 1. When asked about the activities women engaged in when having sex, women, on average, almost always engaged in intercourse, caressing, and petting and often in oral sex.

In contrast, women almost never engaged in anal sex see Table 1. To further investigate age differences in these sexual activities, in a similar vein as Dijkstra and Barelds did, we divided our sample in specific age groups: 20 years and younger 2. Most notable age differences occurred with regard to the frequency of having had sex with a partner per week and oral sex see Figure 1 : with age women seemed to engage, on a weekly basis, especially less often in sex with a partner and oral sex.

Whereas a relatively steep decline emerged in the of times women had had sex with a partner between the ages of 18 and 40, the decline in oral sex occurred more gradually see Figure 1. Because, due to the large sample size, even small effects reach ificance, we also calculated effect sizes.

Most women said they were satisfied with the frequency of sex see Table 1. Women, on average, were also positive about the quality of the sex. Means of the different age groups are 3. Women were also asked whether they, during the last 2 years, had had sexual wishes their sex partner did not want or could fulfill.

The percentages of respondents that said yes to this question for the different age groups were Among women who reported to have a partner with unfulfilled sexual desires, four unfulfilled wishes emerged, that is, partner wants to have sex more often, partner desires anal sex, partner desires oral sex, and partner wants to experiment with sex e. Women reported masturbating, on average, 1. Mean of times masturbating per week for the different age groups are1. Means for the different age groups are 2.

Although the small correlation reached ificance, a Kruskal-Wallis test showed that women from different age groups did not differ with regard to the frequency of extradyadic sex. Because of the small size of this subsample, the test for age group differences was omitted.

Thirty-seven percent of the women who had cybersex said their partner knew about it see Table 1. Women who had cybersex, on average, spent 1. Means for the different age groups were1. In sum, the current study found several interesting relations between age and women's sexual activities. Small effect sizes of age were found for the frequency to which, when having sex with a partner, women engaged in caressing, petting, intercourse, and anal sex, the frequency to which women masturbated, had Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating SD fantasies, and engaged in cybersex.

A small effect size was also found for the value women attached to having an orgasm when masturbating. Small to medium effect sizes of age were found for the degree to which women, when having sex with a partner, had oral sex and the type of extradyadic affair they engaged in.

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The majority of women in the current study reported to be satisfied with the frequency of sex with their partner. On average, Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating SD had sex one or two times with a partner per week, with sex consisting mostly of intercourse, caressing, and petting. Women who were not satisfied mostly desired to have sex more often. Only a minority of women said wanting to have sex less often. In general, women were also positive about the quality of their sex lives. Only a minority of women said that they had sexual wishes their partner did not want or could fulfill.

Dissatisfied women again said they desired sex more often or wanted to experiment more with sex. This finding, again, underlines the energetic sex drive of women. Most often women mentioned that their partner wanted to have sex more often than they did or that their partner wanted anal sex whereas they did not. The current findings indicate that, for a relatively large group of women, it is hard to synchronize their own and their partner's sexual wishes. It also shows that women are more likely, that is about twice as likely, to be confronted with a partner's unfulfilled sexual wishes than with their own.

More than men, women seem less able or willing to satisfy their partner's sexual wishes. An alternative explanation, however, is that men are more demanding when it comes to sex than women. In addition, more men than women have been found to have unrealistic expectations of sex, thinking, for instance, that women always ejaculate when they have an orgasm Mosher, Consistent with studies e.

Most often, women fantasized about having sex with a stranger or their current partner. Almost one fourth of our sample of women reported having engaged in extradyadic sex during their current relationship, mostly mentioning a short affair as the type of relationship in which the extradyadic sex took place. research based on large samples has revealed somewhat lower s of women engaging in extradyadic sex.

Laumann et al. A possible explanation is that our sample included a substantial of cohabiting and dating women. With regard to cybersex we found that only a limited group of women, mostly secretly, engaged in erotic chatting and cybersex. The current study also shows that women of different ages differ from each other in several aspects of their sex lives.

First, consistent with studies e. Older women did not seem to perceive this as problematic: they were as satisfied with the frequency of sex as younger women. We also found that, when having sex, older women had qualitatively different sex than younger women: when having sex, they especially less often engaged in oral sex. Despite the small effect size, we also want to discuss a finding that, in our opinion, deserves attention. Although older women were not less satisfied with the frequency of the sex Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating SD younger women, they reported lower levels of satisfaction with the quality of the sex.

A possible explanation was present in our data. That is, we found older women to report more unfulfilled sexual wishes than younger women. A possible explanation is that, as recently shown by Kontula and Haavio-Mannilahaving a sexually healthy partner is important for women's levels of sexual activity and, as a result, for the fulfillment of their sexual wishes.

Araujo, Mohr, and McKinlayfor instance, found that the of erections per month declined by 3, 9, and 13 in men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, respectively. Not only men may suffer from this decrease, but also their sexual partners whose sexual needs, as a result, may be left relatively often unfulfilled.

Interestingly, older women who had engaged in extradyadic sex, relatively often had had long-term extradyadic affairs, in contrast to younger women who relatively often had had extradyadic one-night stands or short extradyadic affairs. A possible explanation is that, due to societal changes set in motion by the sexual revolution and feminist movement, younger women are more sexually liberated and experience less shame when engaging in one-night stands or other affairs that are purely sexual in nature.

In contrast, older women may only have engaged in extradyadic sex when falling in love and experiencing an emotional bond with their extradyadic lover, resulting in relatively long-term and committed extradyadic affairs. Relevant is, for instance, our finding that, in general, as they age, women do not become more dissatisfied with the frequency of the sex with their partner, but with the quality of it.

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Especially for older women, to enhance the fulfillment of their sexual wishes, it may be important to talk with their sex partner about their sexual desires.

Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating SD

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