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As an MPH student at the University of Washington, Jackson was able to thrive by finding strong women of color mentors along the way who helped create a space of belonging. Through their mentorship, I've learned that graduate school is about so much more than grades.

It's about your development as an academic, a person, and a leader.

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Having spent time abroad—in both Nicaragua and Puerto Rico—Jackson says she was enlightened on several topics that go beyond the surface level pillars of caring. Yes, communities were being aided and jobs were being created; but the organization I worked for was siphoning providers from the public sector and creating a parallel system of care. Yes, students were building relationships with people abroad; but those students were often limited to the white, middle class population with the resources and access to participate.

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Jackson will tell you that she believes health and equity of all people are the core tenets of global health, regardless of borders. Jackson is driven to improve upon and help health systems evolve into something even greater. Her time in Puerto Rico included a research project centered on antenatal stress and anxiety.

Secondly, the development of equitable trade policies and mechanisms of foreign aid that allow for agency, power-sharing, and paths out of poverty. And thirdly, the dismantling of global anti-blackness and the creation of systems of belonging that are co-created alongside people of color.

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When asked what advice she would offer to younger students entering the department, Jackson chose to speak directly to those from historically marginalized groups. Honored to stand in a space with so many amazing change-makers, honored to represent movements and projects that are larger than me, and honored to live, work, and learn with people that daily teach me the difference between humility and invisibility. Department of Global Health. Menu About Us. April 16, Department News. Courtney square.

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