Looking for woman to be a co parent

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It's difficult in a big city to find a man who is looking to settle down and have a family. The fast pace of life and social scene equate more to a fun and dating than serious relationships and babies. However for women who are seriously looking to get pregnant nothing will stand in their way.

This often means getting pregnant minus the traditional relationship or even dating. Every single week on Co-ParentMatch. For many women, in an ideal world they would meet Mr Right, date, have a long relationship and then raise together. In reality many women in major cities have successful careers and have not put a relationship at the top of their agenda. This often leaves women in their late 30's before starting to think about have.

At this point in time you have two choices, take a chance on meeting the right man or take fertility matters in to your own hands. I've gotof mixed heritage, from a past relationship and wish for a sibling or two. Preferably more than one from the same person. I am open to co-parenting if we are compatible in terms of seeing eye to eye on important issues. I'm pretty open about most things but will require my child to be raised Jewish until they can make up their mind about religion etc. Ideally to avoid any issues I am looking for a sperm donation though if you seek contact that's perfectly fine with me and will be welcome.

I love outdoor activities, working out, reading, movies, and cooking. I am accomplished with my career, I travel a lot, I go out with friends.

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I am independent and I started to think about becoming a parent. Life twists and turns in unpredictable ways. It has always been my dream to have my own family I have so much love to give, and a very strong maternal instinct. I am psychologist who has built a career around helping families raise healthy. In my personal life, I am helping to raise a few god-children. I hope to meet a kind, healthy, loving man who is willing to help me attain my dreams.

I believe in open, honest communication, and expect that it will take some time to understand each other and feel comfortable. I have been taking all my prenatal vitamins since June and have been connected with a fertility clinic since September If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're an empathic and generous person -- so, thank you!

Sometimes the right help at the right time can make all the difference in another person's world. One more thing! I should mention that I have a close friend who has a beautiful son through a sperm donor. I also have a friend who has fathered a couple children by being a sperm donor for a lesbian couple.

I have witnessed lives being changed for the better, and have knowledge of the process required for positive outcomes. I work with children as a Speech Pathogist. Working with children has given me some insight into the joys and challenges that parenthood may bring. I would like my own child one day soon. I am a healthy happy person who wants to bring up in a secure and loving environment. I hope to bring up children to be healthy, caring and confident. If you want to search for sperm donors in your city or anywhere around the world register now.

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Are you currently trying or planning to have a baby at the same time as your friends, sisters, co Take a Break magazine would love to speak to a heterosexual couple and a single woman who have tu Here are 5 women from big cities around the world looking for sperm donors right now. I'm looking for someone who wants to be involved in the child ren' s live s. I prefer to do this in a relationship, though can settle for just co-parents.

I prefer a non-smoker. Sorry smokers. For practical reasons, you should live in London. From the blog. Planning a pregnancy at the same time as someone you know?

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Looking for woman to be a co parent

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