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Whether you're transitioning out of the military, dealing with frequent deployments, or balancing your work, school and family life as a military spouse, we are here to help you achieve your higher education goals. At FSU, we appreciate your service and are proud to serve you.

We understand your needs and make applying easy. Through the entire admission process, we work with you, one-on-one, getting to know you and your goals and helping you build a plan to succeed. When you apply, a specialized and knowledgeable military admissions counselor will be ased to you.

Our military admissions counselors have experience in the military and are educated and trained so they can relate to your situation and know how to help you get exactly what you need Want slender built woman for Fayetteville earn your degree. We offer 42 degrees and unlimited career opportunities. FSU is military-friendly. Read one of the many success stories from students FSU supported in achieving their dreams. Then, apply. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products, a software program used by top companies and the military to track customer and business interactions.

After an injury cut his military career short, Andy, 40, had achieved steady success and promotions in corporate jobs. His friends thought he was crazy to leave a Want slender built woman for Fayetteville career to dedicate himself to the intensive week SAP program, plus two weeks of "test-prep" boot camp.

He knew, though, it was a "smart risk" - and the GI Bill would pay for his education. He credits his professor, Dr. Murat Adivar, for an admirable leadership style, keeping the class interesting and challenging, and inspiring the students to succeed. This is tangible. This is a life-changing class," says Andy, who is married and has a daughter in college, along with six rescue dogs. Just weeks after completing the SAP class and passing a stringent exam, Andy landed a functional consultant position for an international company in Atlanta.

As a veteran, military spouse and a mom of three with No. She smiles often and laughs easily. At age 32, she is on the cusp of graduating with a 3. Araina always knew that she is meant to work with children, and FSU is helping her fulfill that purpose.

Her short-term goal is to secure employment with a nonprofit that advocates for children. Her long-term goal is to own "-care center or activity center where children and their families can enjoy quality time together. The family included two other adopted children, and they relocated to Emporia, Va. At 17, Araina graduated from high school with honors and immediately enlisted in the U. She soon met her future husband, Demario, at their duty station in Italy, and then they were both deployed to Afghanistan - to different locations.

Over her military career, Araina has been deployed three times while her husband has deployed four, two of which were during the births of their first two children. The oldest, a daughter, was born deaf, which has motivated Araina to work with children with disabilities, as well. Araina's educational journey began at Fayetteville Technical College, where she earned her Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. Afterward, she deployed to Kuwait, returned and, with 14 years in the military, she got out because of service-related disabilities. I feel like I'm learning a lot here.

With children 11, 5, less than a year old and a baby expected in JuneAraina keeps a strict schedule - one that includes rising early and making sure everyone gets off to school the two youngest are in FSU's Early Childhood Learning Center. In the evening, she prepares dinner and they all do homework together. Deonna, 22, is slated to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in Organismal Biology in She believes her degree will serve as a solid foundation for entrance into dental school.

A native of San Bernardino, Calif. Deonna always loved school and desired a college education. She also knew the military has programs to help with costs, so her education would be paid. Focused and energetic, Deonna started by earning her associate degree from Fayetteville Technical Community College - and then she began talking with counselors at four-year schools. Deonna says she is continually impressed by - and grateful for - engaged professors who take the time to help individual students. She also appreciates the cultural diversity of FSU.

Tall, slender and exotic, Deonna has done some modeling and hopes to do more - when she isn't fulfilling her military duties or attending classes at FSU. In high school, he admits "barely graduating," with a 1. In college, he achieved a 3.

They're here because they care about the future of nurses. Jacob, 38, is candid about his journey. Originally from Peoria, Illinois, he grew up as the third of four children in a home where work was not only valued, but practiced every day.

After his father was laid-off from a factory job, the family relocated to a rural area of Missouri, so he could gain new employment. Jacob also was fixated with work. By age 15, he was working almost full-time while also attending school. After graduating from high school, Jacob was employed in the travel and tourism industry before deciding to the military.

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A chance encounter just prior to ing up became his epiphany. He didn't hesitate to stop and help an injured woman until an ambulance arrived. That experience stayed with him - the ability to aid someone in need. Fast forward to his Army service and, ultimately, January His wife graduated from the program and is currently a registered nurse at Womack Army Medical Center.

Sharon Gallagher, a lecturer in the Nursing School, calls Jacob "one of the hardest-working students" she has ever known. Jacob will tell you that he inherited that tenacity from Want slender built woman for Fayetteville father, who never let a setback get him down, often juggled three jobs, and ended up achieving major career success. With focus and determination, Jacob is on-track with plans to get commissioned as an Army officer, continue his education and become an emergency nurse practitioner. Maudeline Clervoix-Frank '19 learned early-on to never take two things for granted: life and education.

Growing up in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she became deaf in her left ear at age 9 because of an untreated infection. At 14, a 7. Many of them were her close friends. Now on the cusp of turning 25, Maudeline is a study in unbridled joy. She's just an excellent student who wants to succeed.

Maudeline's journey began as the curious middle child of a father who worked as a private driver and a self-employed mother. Inthe father and three children ed the mother who had been living in Queens, New York. Maudeline was enrolled at a high school with immigrant students from all over the world. I was supposed to be in 10 th grade, but they put me in 9 th grade. It was an hour bus ride to and from school.

She also had to learn how to speak English - and was honored at her new school for being "the fastest learner. She balanced her studies with work in a convenience store and then as a room-service operator for a hotel.

She attended a community college and also earned her certificate to become a home health aide. Love called in the form of a neighborhood boy who played soccer with her brother. Timothy Frank, a soldier, proposed. The couple were married in That's how they came to Fayetteville, and specifically, how Maudeline discovered Fayetteville State and began exploring education options.

Xenia Lopez.

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She gave me hope. Maudeline says she is grateful to the faculty and staff for ensuring her success, including her mentor, Dr. Melanie Shorter and also Dr. Chu-Chun Fu. Her goal is to pursue her Master's and Doctorate degrees and become a Counselor. Currently, she is a math tutor at Anne Chestnutt Middle School. Growing up in Augusta, Ga. More than anything, he dreamed of going to college, but he knew that his family could only afford to send one person to school. Duke encouraged his sister Ashley, who's 10 months younger than him, to pursue her business degree.

Duke ed the Army. The year was It didn't take long for Duke to realize what he wanted in the military: "How do I become an officer? Duke wasted no time, even in the midst of his first deployment, which was to Afghanistan.

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He immediately registered for an online class and began his college journey. As a medic and patient administration specialist, Duke would treat the injured until the wee hours of the morning, and then retreat to his tight quarters to "knock out an asment for my psychology class.

In between the second and third deployment, Duke earned his bachelor's degree from an online university with a 3. He enrolled in Fayetteville State University's master in business administration program.

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His family was there for the military commissioning ceremony, beaming with pride, including his mom, wife and three children. His father, grandfather and uncle traveled from Florida to be there. Sister Ashley, who earned her bachelor's degree in business some years ago, could not be there because of work obligations, Duke says, but was there in spirit. Duke Bostic says he is intent on serving for 25 years in the Army. I felt better able to digest terminology and systems.

I felt like I had an edge. Duke has plans to continue his education at FSU. With a passion for project management, more classes are on the horizon. And something else. He will be opening his own mail-order business, called Coffee Culture, focusing on a favorite beverage. Army - and a prowess for soccer, to boot. His story begins in small-town Oyugis, Kenya, where he was born on May 7, The middle child of six, he was in the esteemed position as the first male born to a police officer and homemaker.

His father, who played soccer for a police league, taught him the sport. The father's job took the family to many locations in the country, and Rodgers ended up attending 11 schools. He excelled - in his studies and soccer. Just before taking his final exams in high school - tests that would determine if he was eligible for college - Rodgers would receive tragic news.

His father, only in his 40s, died of diabetes complications. Harambee is what helped save him, Rodgers says.

Want slender built woman for Fayetteville

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