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One of the dilemmas newer riders face is finding the right fellow riders with whom to share the road. After all, you want someone who will understand your capabilities and not push you too far, but who will push you just enough so that you keep getting better.

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Plus, we all want to spend our riding time with people we enjoy. So, really, the criteria are simple: Pick people you like.

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Choose people who have demonstrated good decision-making. In general, people who are asshats off the bike are also asshats on the bike. And they are no fun to ride with although they think they are. Good riding companions encourage and allow you to ride your own ride, ride their own rides and yet do not abandon you. If you do not have friends who already are riders, you will have to work harder to make new connections. Attend local bike nights, and find riding groups online, such as through MeetUp.

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Ask local dealers if they know of any riding groups. New to riding? Keep your riding pack small. Initially, find one person you can trust who will support your learning. The more people you add, the more complexity is added to the situation. For entry level riders, reduce the variables by reducing your riding group size. In my experience, some of these people have been really cool, and the others not at all. And it was obvious just from listening to them talk about themselves before we all took off that they were going to be the rude show-off riders, and they were.

My response? Ultimately, the best decision may be to split from a group if you feel the risk taking is unacceptable.

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By going your own way, you get to focus on your own ride. What wisdom have you gained in the process? kellyteal13 gmail.

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